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Top 6 jobs in the beauty industry

Beauty industry is one of the booming industries all over the world. The revenue that it generates is increasing with every passing year which shows its bright scope in the near future. These are a few top job opportunities in the beauty industry:


Being a cosmetologist, one has several career options. It has variety of professions in beauty industry like salon manager, makeup artist, aesthetician, beautician, nail technician etc. Making a name in this field requires constant dedication. So, if you love your job and are ready to work with perfection, this field can give you much more than your expectations. Many cosmetologists teach in several beauty schools and run their own business chain.


If you are good at your work and are a good hairstylist, you will always be in demand. Some of the hairstylists run their own beauty parlours due to the trust people have in their name. One can even get the opportunity to serve the celebrities. Career is bright if you are exceptionally good at your work. You can start from a salon of your own and turn it into a chain.


May it be a family gathering, events, parties, weddings or kitty parties; a makeup artist is always in demand. Nowadays, people have become pretty conscious about their looks. You can run your own beauty spa or work in the same. A makeup artist may specialize further. One must remain updated with the latest trends in fashion industry to keep their clients happy.


The basic task of these people is to take care of the nails of their clients. They perform nail art, pedicures and manicure. They work in spa and salons. You must have a very keen eye to keep up in this line since nail art requires keen detailing. You also have to sterilize tools and equipments. A good nail artist is always in demand for their work. It is a good field if you can have good interpersonal skills, time management skills, and passion for your work.


One needs to have a keen sense of cosmetics for being an expert beauty therapist. They perform facial treatment, waxing treatment, facials and manicures. It is necessary to understand your client and their needs. They are also hired to perform body massage in luxury spas. They must have good interpersonal skills, must know how to handle customer and provide customer satisfaction. An eye of beauty is necessary to predetermine how the client would look in a makeup. Without this sense, you cannot go much ahead in this field.


A skin care specialist has to deal of various skin problems of the clients like pimples, acne, ageing, dark spots, tanning etc. Chemicals and cosmetics are the tools of these skin experts. They also perform laser treatment and micro surgery (if required). They provide keen suggestions to their clients on using cosmetics. They suggest what is best for a particular type of skin.

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