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These Make-Up Trends are going to be Huge in 2019

As only few days have left to welcome New Year, we bring you the makeup trends that will be buzzing in 2019. Makeup trends have a considerable impact on an individual in the beauty industry and it is good if you want to stay ahead of these trends before they become quite popular among masses. 2018 was all about excess glitz and glamour, however, 2019 will witness back to basics look.

To help you follow the right direction for the makeup and beauty trends, we have listed some predicted trends that will be ruling in 2019.

1. No heavy contouring

Heavy contouring is going to be out this year. Skip the contour and frame the face with a bronzer after the makeup is done. Take a large fluffy brush and apply it under the cheekbones, jaw and along the temples.

2. Dark Shades of Lip Colour

2019 makeup will be all about neutral and going natural. Brown lip colour will be coming back this year with a hint of earthy brown with a warmer undertone. Instead of flat browns, the colour will be somewhere between your actual lip colour and a brown lip. Lip shades like berry will be also seen staying popular throughout the year, though they were considered as only winter colors in 2018.

3. Foiled eye shadow

Eye makeup is predicted to be shinier than ever in 2019, with the foiled eye shadow becoming popular. Foiled look brings a shiny result which is created by applying a metallic shade of eye shadow with a wet brush.

4. 3-D Lips

In 2019, the makeup artists will prefer lip color instead of lip plumper to give volume to the lower lip. The illusion of a bigger pout will be created by using a lighter and frosted color on the lower lip and by covering it with a transparent gloss.

Do use right products on hand your wedding day

The wedding day is not an experiment day when you can try any new product on your face. Keep your favourite lipstick, some blotting papers in your clutch for quick touch-ups.

5. Ombre-colored Nails

A variety of nail trends will be seen to shape, paint and style the nails. But, ombre-colored nails are predicted to be the most popular ones in 2019.

6. Matte Skin

Matte Skin is a sure shot comeback that will be ruling in 2019. Matte gives flawless looks and also comes with lot of skin-care benefits. The best way to apply matte is starting in the centre of face and then going way out.

7. Yes to Foundation

For a flawless matte skin look, you will need a high quality foundation. So, this year, say yes to foundation when doing your makeup.

8. Natural-looking brows

2018 was all about those Instagram brows, but in 2019, natural-looking brows will remain popular. Instead of a crazy arch like lightning bolt brow, brows will be shaped in a natural arch.

9. Color blocked eyes

When it comes to eye makeup, a more subdued version of the graphic liner is expected to be in trend. The shapes will be created with the help of shadow instead of liner. Pastel and candy-colored shades will be popular instead of darker and bolder hues.

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