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10 Genius Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Managing hair is always a messy and tricky task for every girl. Every girl wants to have perfect looking hair in no time. With these 10 genius hair hacks, it would be now very easy for every girl to manage their hair and make them look flawless every time.

1. Create a straight part easily every time:

The tip to create an easy straight part is by zipping the comb quickly from the hairline to the crown of your head. The quicker you do it, the more straight part it will be.

2. Breakdown super-curly hairs with a flat iron:

If you want to create soft waves by breaking down your super-curly hairs, the trick is to do it with a flat iron by bending your wrist forward and backwards like you move down your strands.

3. Create two ponytails to prevent your bun from getting loosened:

If you do not want your bun to get loosen, simply tie your pigtails close to each other in the middle of back of your head. Wrap the ends around each other and secure the bun with bobby pins.

4. Create a fuller-looking ponytail:

The trick behind creating an illusion of a fuller-looking and a lengthy ponytail is to actually create two ponytails. You can do is by following some simple tips:

Step 1- Create a half ponytail by gathering the hair above your ears and tie it with a hair band.

Step 2- Flip the first ponytail to the top of your head to keep it aside.

Step 3- By using the remaining hair; create a second ponytail directly below the base of first ponytail. Make sure that both ponytails are on top of another so that they give an illusion of a lengthy and fuller-looking ponytail.

5. Comb your hair before shampooing:

Worrying about tangles after you shampoo your hair? We all know that combing wet hair is not a good idea. To get rid of tangles, comb your dry hair before you shampoo to avoid getting any knots.

6. Use toothbrush to tame flyaways:

Take an unused toothbrush and spray little amount of hair spray on it. Use this toothbrush to come and tame your flyaways.

7. Make your hair look fuller with eyeshadow:

This may sound strange to you, but you can actually add volume to your hair by using this trick. Find an eye shadow shade that resembles to your hair colour. Now, fill the shade on your small hair part with a small blending brush to give an illusion of fuller hair.

8. Create soft waves in no time:

Create smooth waves by twisting your hair into a high bun while sleeping at night. Release the bun in the morning and your smooth loose waves are ready.

9. Use flat iron for braid waves:

Another popular hack is to use a flat iron for creating braid waves. Firstly, make braids of small sections throughout your mane and then run a flat iron over your braids. Release the braids once they cool down and your wavy strands are there in no time.

10. Create a flawless bun with a sock:

The trick to get a perfect bun is by preparing a sock bun. For this, find out a sock that resembles to your hair colour. Cut the toe end and put your hair into a ponytail where you want sock bun to be placed. Put the ponytail through the sock whole and roll it down towards the base of your ponytail with hair in it. Once the sock bun reaches it at base, pin it with bobby pins and hairpins to stay it on place. You are ready with your perfect bun.

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