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How To Keep Hair Straight All Day After Straightening It?

Have you straightened your hair recently? Are you looking for tips to keeping your hair straight for the entire day? Then you should read this article very nicely as you will discover some crucial tips here for maintaining good hair. If you can follow these tips ardently then you can surely flaunt straight hair throughout the day.

Clean your hair very well

Dirty hair is sure to get frizzy with time and this is not what you want. So clean your hair regularly with a good conditioning agent that is free of sulfate. This will keep your scalp free from the dirt that gets accumulated on it and leave your hair smooth and straight.

Do not style your wet hair

It is advisable that you dry your hair at least 80% before styling it with any styling equipment. Be it a straightening iron or a curler, your hair is subjected to a lot of heat. If you use these styling tools on your wet hair then it can break and get damaged.

Deep condition your hair

Coconut milk has a lot of beneficial qualities and research says that it can keep the hair smooth and straight for longer. You can apply it to your hair easily by dividing it into strands once a week. The result will surprise you as your hair will get smoother and silkier.

Use a hair protecting serum

If you use hair straightener extensively then your hair is likely to get frizzy as it is directly subjected to heat. Apply a hair protecting serum on your hair each time you are using a styling tool. The serum will protect your hair from the heat and keep it frizz-free all day long.

Go for a straightening brush

Straightening brushes are way more effective and helpful in keeping your hair straight for a very long time. These brushes discharge ions which smoothen the hair and remove the frizz efficiently. Use a straightening brush before you leave your house daily and your hair will never let you down.

Opt for a dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the best inventions in the department of hair care products and you should always have one handy. It reduces the moisture build-up in the hair and thus it has few reasons to get frizzy. You should keep a dry shampoo with yourself all the time and use it always after styling your hair.

Get a hairdryer specially meant for straightening hair

There are many dryers available in the market which are specially made for keeping the hair straight. Get the best one amongst them and use it for drying your wet hair after a shower. You will not have to worry about using a straightening iron if you have one such hairdryer.

If you have healthy hair that is cleaned thoroughly then it is less likely to attract frizz and will remain straight. For more details on the hair care routine, you can visit the website makeupacademychennai.com