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How to Become a Professional Make-Up Artist in Chennai?

To train beauty experts, beauty therapy courses are professionally developed and designed. Almost all of the courses are developed by trained professionals who are well accustomed to this field so that they can give and explain all the valued information to novice beauty trainees. The knowledge and skills that are required to make them beauty experts is given with the aim to equip the novice beauty trainees.

Depending on the skills that are being offered, the courses are categorized into different groups. Each person has the entire liberty to choose the course she may be interested depending on the market needs and one's own capabilities. For example, if one decides to become a makeup artist, one can pursue the makeup course.

Knowing about the makeup course

The makeup course encompasses different aspects of beautification of the face. We have tanning and whitening courses. This entails the pigmentation of the skin and what the client wishes her color to be. There is also the foundation, eyebrow styling, and beautification of the face.

There is a beauty therapy course, which is a part of the beautician courses. At this level, one learns about aromatherapy, body massage, body therapy, electrotherapy, reflexology, and skin care. For the wellness of the skin, all of the above courses are concerned. One will be able to conduct any therapeutic techniques on a client if he/she trains on these courses.

Hair styling course associated with beautification

Apart from that, there is a hair styling course. The hair styling course mainly deals with the beautification of the hair on the head as desired by the client. How to make different professional cuts is taught to the beauty trainee. They are also taught how to perform hair dyeing where the hair is dyed into different colors. Basically, the trainees learn to color the hair into any color depending on what the client desires and their skin color.

One of the best cosmetology schools is provided by Lakme Academy that provides you with a professional, advanced training course in cosmetology. All these are taught to the trainee in a formal classroom setting. Both theory and practical classes are included in the training. Different issues on beauty training are taught to the trainees in the theory classes. Whatever the person learns in the theory class are mainly put into practice in the practical classes.

Depending on the content and the program of the school offering the training, the time taken for the beautician courses may vary. The training might last between five days to one month for certificate beauty therapy courses. If you want, you can take a certificate course on your own specific area of study. As the certificate courses do not entail a lot of work, they are mostly offered online.

It may take you between three to six months for a diploma course. Although there are schools that offer the training online, the courses are offered in a formal classroom setting almost all of the times. It may take between one to four years for advanced diploma and degree beautician courses. These courses are given in a similar way to the diploma courses.

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