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Bridal make-up tips – the dos and don’ts you need for your big day

The wedding day is the most special day when you should look your best. You want everything to be perfect on this very day- from music to seating arrangements and from caterings to décor.

One thing that is most important for you and often gets overlooked is your makeup. Obviously, you start preparing and dreaming for it months before. To make sure that you look the most beautiful in your wedding pictures, here are some important points of dos and don’ts that you should consider for your special day.


DO book a trial makeup

Before deciding your final look, always go for a bridal makeup trial. It may happen that the selected style may not suit you. The trial session will help your makeup artist to test your look and adjust accordingly. If possible, go for booking a trial session for at least three to five months before the wedding day.

DO spend time finding the perfect look

Spend some time in researching well for the look you want to have on your big day. Find out which look you like and which won’t suit you in pictures. It will help you to make your wedding pictures look perfect.

DO get facials months beforehand

You should get your facials done at least two to three months beforehand. Avoid getting them too close to your wedding day. It will not only save you from any unwanted makeup reaction but your skin will also become smooth and even.

Do remain flexible

You may have decided already what kind of look you want to have on your special day. But it is always good to remain flexible and let your makeup expert decide what will look best on you and what not to try. Trust them and let them use their experience and knowledge to highlight the best features of your face.

Do relax the day before your wedding

Nobody wants to look tired and stressed out on their special day. A sound sleep is the key to relax and give your body full rest. Moreover, stress will result only in acne breakouts and dull skin, which you surely do not want in any situation.

Do use right products on hand your wedding day

The wedding day is not an experiment day when you can try any new product on your face. Keep your favourite lipstick, some blotting papers in your clutch for quick touch-ups.


DON’T have unrealistic expectations from your makeup look

You must have dreamt of those heavy makeup with overly contoured skin, smoky eyes and heavy foundations, just like it is shown online. While this may look good on social networking sites, it may not go well for wedding makeup. So, don’t keep any unrealistic expectation with your wedding makeup and keep it simple and elegant.

DON’T be scared to speak up

Your makeup artist might be the person who knows the best about her work, but don’t be scared to speak up if you do not like anything or you are not comfortable with something. Speak up to her openly during your trial sessions so that your expectations are also known to her and she can make you ready accordingly.

DON’T try any new skincare products

Avoid trying any new skincare product on your skin at least two to three weeks before your wedding day. While a new product may not suit your skin type and can give you reaction and leave rashes on your face.

DON’T rush

Your wedding day needs to be perfect, so give yourself proper time while booking bridal makeup services. Do not rush in choosing the service provider to ensure that nothing unexpected happens on the big day.

DON’T use too much of makeup

Avoid using too much of makeup on the wedding day and keep your look elegant and natural. Let your skin breathe with minimal makeup since the wedding is a one whole day process.

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