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How to Become a Professional Make-Up Artist in Chennai?

Are you passionate about your love for make-up and dream of doing creative things with the cosmetics? Have you ever wondered what all fun you can do with your cosmetic products if you were a makeup artist?

The career field of being a makeup artist offers lots of options to the professionals. Makeup artists may work independently or may work as employment in salons, spas, and photography or television industry.

Take a look at the detailed description about the course and training required to become a makeup artist and different career options offered by being a professional makeup artist in Chennai along with the salary expectations one should have in his mind before pursuing this career.

About Course:

The training programs for becoming a makeup artist in Chennai vary in duration. It may take several weeks to complete one course or several months to complete a whole program.

To obtain a full cosmetologist license, you may have to enrol in a one year training program in Lakme Academy in Chennai. The makeup artist may also need to complete some specified number of training hours and going through a license exam.


To become a professional makeup artist, the makeup artists need to complete a training program offered by Lakme Academy in Chennai. Different tools and techniques are taught about using different cosmetics products to the artists in such makeup artist schools.

The students also learn facial features and the process to emphasize or de-emphasize them with different makeup products. These training schools also teach the artists different kinds of looks they can create on their clients with cosmetics depending upon the time of day.

Makeup artists may study how to create looks withstanding a high definition camera or learn to create looks for television, photography, movies or stage. They can also study the use of prosthetics for creating special effects in television and movies.

Career Options:

There are number of career options that a makeup artist can opt for after completing cosmetic arts education. These people may choose to work independently or work at salons and spas. For makeup artist with cosmetology license, it becomes easier to work.

Designing creative looks for wedding party or family photo shoot is a famous choice for many makeup artists. Some may also prefer to do makeup and sell cosmetic products at offline and online retail sites. Most of the makeup artist nowadays prefers to freelance wherever they are required.

Makeup artist can also work at retail and department stores, salons and spas. They market themselves as an expert in photo shoots, wedding and special events, special effects, television and movies.


The average salary of a makeup artist depends upon his experience, place where he is employed, specialization and quality of portfolios. Many artists work on part-time basis or in local retail stores and salons. They are generally paid on hourly basis or have a minimum wage.

Some of the makeup artists are hired on the basis of their specialization in brand like MAC, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay or Dior etc. cosmetic products. The average pay rate of a makeup artist can vary on the basis of these different lines of makeup.

The profession of a makeup artist is a fun and good career option. One can earn an attractive salary if he chooses to become a professional freelance makeup artist where he has the freedom to choose the type of projects and jobs that fits into your artist skills and desired rate of pay.

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